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    Still having issues with CSS fonts in design view

    Ansury Level 3
      I only see the following error messages when I enter design view for a component *other* than my main mxml component:

      unable to resolve '/ProjectName/assets/JapaneseBrush.ttf' for transcoding
      Unable to transcode /ProjectName/assets/JapaneseBrush.ttf.

      The resource named is the project's root directory (?), and it refers to line 4. (Same line as the src: url() row in the CSS file.)

      These errors don't show up until after I tab to the design view, and the font isn't used in the design view (other than this the CSS works fine). (Even though it works perfectly when actually running the Flex app.)

      I'm using an external CSS file that looks like this:

      src: url("/assets/JapaneseBrush.ttf");
      fontFamily: JapaneseBrush;
      fontStyle: regular;

      I've tried actually placing the ttf file in a few different locations, ProjectName/assets/, ProjectName/src/assets, ProjectName/src, ... no change. My main mxml is in ProjectName/src.

      Anyone have an issue like this before?