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    What to do about "missing fonts"


      I purchased InDesign and I purchased an InDesign newsletter template, but as soon as I open it, I get a list of "missing fonts" and an offer to substitute generic fonts. I purchased the template because I like the way it looks, and I expected the fonts to be part of what I purchased. Also, it says the Georgia family of fonts is unavailable, but if I open a Word document, I have access to Georgia. I also downloaded something that was supposed to sync my folders and fonts in Creative Cloud, which I thought might address this problem. What gives?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You may have a different version/format of Georgia.


          Fonts are licensed by the foundries that make them, so they don't come free with templates. ID should have come with a very nice collection of OpenType fonts, though, that you can use, as well as any other fonts for which you currently have licenses or that came with other software or your OS.


          Best way to substitute fonts is to use Font > Find Font and check the box to redefine styles. As I mentioned, some of these fonts may be "missing" simply because they are different versions than the ones in the template, and you can substitute your own versions with the same names in Find Font.