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    After Effects CS6 glitch when exporting to external drive?




      I have recently run into a problem: When I export a sequence to an external USB3 (Seagate 1TB) drive, there is a random chance (about 50-50) that the exported footage will have glitches that look like lines of static running horizontally over the image. However, when I export to an internal drive, this does not happen. This only shows up in the final output.


      I use AE CS6, version

      I export in Quicktime (Animation or None) or AVI (DV PAL Widescreen). The projects don't have any video footage, it's pure animation of layers in AE and some photos. The comps are DV PAL Widescreen and the final files should all be less than 1gb in size.


      My setup: 16gb of RAM, geforce GTX780 with v327.23 drivers. Cpu is i7-4770K. Win 7 Ultimate 64bit. 128gb SSD (with Adobe apps and Windows). 1tb HDD (for other apps and cache files). Quicktime 7.7.4 is installed. Multiprocessing is disabled.


      My previous computer (8gb RAM, GTX 560Ti, i5-2500K) did not have this problem at all, and could export the exact same projects to the exact same external drive using the exact same settings without any glitches happening. So why is this taking place now? I already tried a full reinstall, and the glitch is still there. Is there a way to fix this?