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    Cannot move clips over "tip tool" clip information

    edit_gt Level 1

      Currently using Premier CS6 on 2 systems. One (fiarly old, but pretty beefy Mac Pro) and one late 2011 Macbook Pro. Both have 16gb ram. Sorry, no other information but I don't think this is a performance issue.


      I'm finding that I am getting really frustrated with what seems to be a bug with the movement of clips in the timeline. I've spent about 2 hours searching for an answer but cannot find anything - which seems strange.


      Anyway, when you click on a clip to drag it in the timeline the "tip tool" pops up and displays the number of frames the clip has been moved. Whats wierd is that I cannot reposition a clip anywhere on the screen where the tip tool is displayed.


      This is mostly when I am trying to move the clip either directly down, or down and to the right. The mouse turns into a "not possible" type icon and wont let me park the clip there.



      Unfortunately this screenshot doesn't include the mouse icon (looks like a stop sign). But I'm trying to move the clip on track 2 down where the frame information box is and I'm unable to do this (unless I move it down left and then shift it over. Any help would be much appreciated!