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    Help - time sensitive project


      Ok, I probably have no business being here...except I'm the only one in my organization that (was dumb enough to?) say, "Hey, I'll take care of that..."  I'm producing a concert that airs 30 Oct with a live band and lots of production.  Getting to the point, I'm creating animated backgrounds that will be projected on a big blow-up screen behind a live band to create a backdrop for the entire concert.  It will rotate between 'live scenery' and various video snippets.  (Think, halloween themed concert, spooky scene with rolling fog, flickering jack o'lanterns, and tree branches blowing in the wind...) 


      So, without knowing the exact size of the screen, I need to know what my best bet for success is concerning video settings.  I've spent days pouring through tutorials learning how to create what I've done so far and I like the product in its raw form.  I initially created the project to be 1080p / 5.2gb, but after the first test render of a 30 sec clip, the playback (.avi) was incrediblly jerky.  So, then I've lowered the settings to half resolution, and dropped the comp to NTSV-DV which created a MUCH smaller file and plays back fine, except there is now a border on the left and right.


      I know, I know, I should know what I'm doing before starting this....but I don't, and the project still has to be finished and I'm building the plane in the air.  Is it a reasonable question to ask...what would be my best bet for comp/project settings to ensure the video will project to screen with success?  I'm not creating a masterpiece here....just entertaining, animated backdrops.


      Please let me know what you think, or at least, some questions that I could answer to help figure it out. 



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should definitely do your project at 1080P or better (barring getting actual instructions from the venue).


          You are going to need to get instructions on what sort of deliverable to create. That being said, I hope you kept the jerky playback file because that's what you should have. You should then take that file into the Adobe Media Encoder and create a WMV or h.264 wiith it.


          The reason it plays back all jumpy is that it's a large file with a very high data rate and your hard drive can't deliver the data quickly enough.


          It's all explained in this FAQ entry.


          As someone who's new to AE, you really need to start here. Otherwise you will run into more problems like this and we might not be able to help in time. Seriously, spending a little time now to understand the foundational elements will save you a lot of time and frustration in the future.

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            David_94 Level 1

            Thanks!  That was very helpful.


            Yes, I agree on the basics, and I am going through the fundamentals as I have time.  But I have to have this finished this week so I thought it would be worth asking.


            I have it working now and it looks great!