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    Problems with "start" button and size of video in program monitor


      I have been on the phone wth Adobe help for about 3 1/2 hours today.  The problem is that the video in the program monitor doesn't fit - even when I have it checked to "fit".  I have a mac - totally up-top-date, and imported footage from my canon 7d I shot at 1280x720.  When I set up a new project with the same, the image in the program monitor is too big.  When I create a new project at 1280X1080 the image is too small - even when I click "fit".  Also, sometimes, the play button just doesn't work.  Help, they have gotten rid of my preferences twice - to no help at all, "cleaned" up my hard drive and still the problems continue.  Then they tell me in order for me to go to the second tier I have to buy a contract.  Can anybody help me!!!!! Losing my mind! Thanks.