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    WORKAROUND/POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Chrome 30 for Mac and Edge Inspect CC sec-WebSocket-Protocol error

    ArnoldD Newcomer

      I came across this thread (How to solve the sec-WebSocket-Protocol error in Chrome 30.0.1599.66 m) and applying the same edit to the inspect.js file for the Edge Inspect Chrome Extension solved the WebSocket error immediately, the issue most of us have been experiencing with the latest Chrome version: 30.0.1599.66.  We couldn't revert back to Chrome 29 (latest known version working with Edge Inspect) because we couldn't find it, but in any case Chrome will auto-update to version 30.


      My system info: OSX 10.7.5, Chrome Extension Adobe Edge Inspect CC 1.0.424.1, Adobe Edge Inspect CC 1.0.407, Chrome 30.0.1599.66


      Disclaimer: This steps will modify the Adobe Chrome Extension as installed from the Chrome Web Store.  I will not be held responsible for any other issues this may cause.  I'm just reporting a fix that immediately worked for me.  I'm assuming you can always remove the extension from chrome and reinstall from the store.


      Step 1: Disable Edge Inspect Chrome extension

      1. Browse to chrome://extensions and uncheck/Disable Adobe Edge Inspect CC 1.0.424.1


      Step 2: Browse to the inspect.js file

      1. In Finder, Cmd-Shift-G or from the Menu bar Go > Go to folder...
      2. Copy/paste
        ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Extensions/ijoeapleklopieoejahbpdnhkjjgddem/1.0.424.1_0/js/


      Step 3: Edit inspect.js file

      1. Select inspect.js and edit it any text editor (TextEdit, TextWrangler, or even Edge Code CC)
      2. On line 61 look for the following code:
        this._wshandle = new WebSocket(this._protocol + "://" + this._host + ":" + this._port + "/", "shadow");
      3. Edit the line to remove , "shadow" (note the comma and space is also to be removed).  So you're resulting code should be:
        this._wshandle = new WebSocket(this._protocol + "://" + this._host + ":" + this._port + "/");
      4. Save changes


      Step 4: Enable Edge Inspect Chrome extension

      1. Browse to chrome://extensions and check/Enable Adobe Edge Inspect CC 1.0.424.1
      2. The icon in your toolbar should change immediately from grayed out to full color brown and everything should function as usual


      Again, I'm not sure if this is the ultimate fix, but at least Edge Inspect works again until the Chrome extension is fixed or Chrome changes the way WebSockets are handled.


      Hope this helps!!