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    My proxy workflow


      A lot of folks here have asked about proxy editing in Premiere Pro, to which the usual answer is to use a computer that's up to par and you can edit natively. It's a fair answer as the software was designed for just that use. But there are a lot of folks out there who presently don't have, or can't yet afford more intense computers for such work, or who are looking to upgrade from consumer editors and have downloaded a Premiere trial, and are not aware that the high defination video files so popular today require a more robust computer.


      I was one of those, and was forced to develop a proxy workflow for my own stuff. I assembled this idea from tips I found arount the net, and don't claim it as my own.I'll give a description of it here, but first I must repeat that building or buying a computer with the power to edit such material is really the way to go. Otherwise, try this.............


      First, go into Win Explorer and create a HD and a Proxy folder.Save all your original HD clips and images,

      etc in the HD folder, then..........

      1. Open Adobe Encoder. At the top/left of the Queue window click on the + mark. Add

      all the HD files you want to encode to proxies for the project. It is very important to make the proxy

      files with the exact same filename and extension as the original HD files. Sometimes for

      easier identifycation, it's better to number the clips rather then name them (using the same

      number for proxy and equivlant HD clips)! Pick the topfile in the Encoder and just under it, set it's Preset

      to H264 (Legacy) Custom, which makesa 320 by 240 file with the same frame rate (which makes

      a pretty good proxy file). Next go one over to Output File and set to the Proxy folder you made

      in explorer.


      2. Go to the top/right of Queue Window and click on the green start button. Takes some time

      to render, so wait. Move the results from the Explorer Proxy folder to a new Proxy bin you'll make in

      Premiere. Now all clips are ready.


      3. Original HD files, as well as any still images (don't require low rez) or other needed edit material

      (music, etc.), and can stay in a HD folder in Win Explorer.


      4. Now, fully edit the project using the low rez video clips. To get the

      proxy files to fill out the Preview (right) screen, right click a clip and click "Scale To

      Framesize'.This will make them easier to see on the screen.


      5. When the edit is fully finished, go to the Project Window at bottom left (not the Media

      Browser window) and select all of the proxy clips (highlighting a clip and hitting Crtl+A might

      work, or hold Ctrl and hit them one at a time). Go to top left of program interface and click

      'Project' menu, then select 'Make Offline'. In the next window choose 'Media Files Remain On

      Disk'. and OK. This will switch back to the timeline and all clips should be red. If one is

      not red, something went wrong so try with that clip again.


      6. Go back to Project Window and again highlight all the proxy clips. Go to 'Project>Link

      Media'  It will open the 'Link Media' with the proxy clips displayed.


      7. The idea here is to search within this Link Media window for the original HD clips so

      that they are displayed instead of the proxy clips. Click on the very first clip (which should

      be 1 if you numbered them), then drop down and click 'Select'. If the proxies and HD's have

      the exact same names or numbers), this action will replace all the proxy clips on the timeline

      with the original HD clips, and you will be ready to export.


      8. Before exporting, make sure that all the clips on the timeline are the same size. They should be. 

      If not,  go to Motion in effects control, and scale the clip(s) to fit the screen. And verify that the

      settings in Export match the original clips!!



      This might not work for everyone, and indeed may have mistakes, both in concept and syntax used,

      but it worked fine for me when I needed it, especially if the HD and proxy files where ,mp4's. Hope it

      helps someone/