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    Forum login not working right.

    sjpt Level 4

      Not really for this forum specifically, I can't find a general forum.

      Is anyone else having problems signing on to the forums?


      On Chrome and Firefox I can log into the general Adobe site, but not to the forums.

      Using Sign In at the top right send me to the page http://forums.adobe.com/adobe_login which comes up as not found. (see below)


      Internet Explorer has cached a signin from long ago (not sure how) so starts me ready logged in:

      that is how I have managed to enter this post.


      Safari brings up the login, I can log in, but it then goes to the not found page http://forums.adobe.com/adobe_login

      I can then go back to the start, and I am logged in.



      not found page

      Oops, the page can't be found

      Sorry, the page you requested can't be found. You can go back and try again, or start again at home.