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    Setting up Premiere Pro CS6 on Windows Server

    prashant.savalia1 Level 1

      I would like to know what the best way is to set up Premiere Pro CS6 on a Windows  2008 R2 server. My boss would like to set up a way for anyone to use the single license from any computer without hitting any lag. We tried doing it through a virtual machine on the server and installing Premiere Pro on the virtual machine, but we were getting lag on Audio. The video was playing alright, but the audio would take some time. Same problem when we tried to use remote desktop from a Windows 7 64 bit system to log into the virtual machine on the server. Any ideas on how we can set up the environment, reduce lag, and allow any one person to log into the system (in other words single person using the software at any time) and use the software from any computer on the network without installing extra software?