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    cfscript code assist?



      It would seem that CF builder2 doesnt have any code assisting for cfscripting.?

      Surely ive missed something here.


      If this is the case then im wondering whats going on as DM CC is clearly trying to discourage you from using it for coldfusion (by stripping out previous CF tools).

      CF builder has no code assist for cfscript..


      i like to use cfscript in my components as I like the way it resembles other languages im familiar with, eg javascript, c# etc.


      Im wondering now, why bother, just use the TAGS ank keep life simple?

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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @advancesolutionsni: Code assist absolutely does work in script. What is an example of what’s not working for you? especially compared to something that “works” for you in tag syntax?


          For instance, if you maybe want arguments of a function to popup for you, that does work. But do note that (in either tags or script) you need to click ctrl-space to make that work.


          Same with seeing a list of available variables on a page when naming a variable on the right-side of an assignment, or seeing the list of available datasources defined in your CF Admin when creating a query, or seeing the list of CFCs when doing a createobject of a component, or seeing a list of methods in a CFC when referring to an instance of one, and so on.


          BTW, those last four are things that DW never could do, and it just scratches the surface of such differences, so CFB really is much more than just “a different CF editor”. Each does things the other does not. We need to learn to use each tool to its max, and the way it works.


          To that end, I would point out that there is a very substantial user guide for CFB, available online




          And there’s a specific section on code assist, with more on the above, at:

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ColdFusionBuilder/2.0/Using/WS0ef8c004658c1089-554789f8121af8f 0c8c-7ffb.html#WSd160b5fdf5100e8f-1264b51812d55ebda15-7ffb





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            MalachyDevlin Level 1

            Thanks Charlie,

            Yea I did review the documentation but I suppose I could reword this and say that maybe the code assist doesnt behave how I expected.

            That expectation may not right or wrong.

            Im somparing to the likes of visual studios intellisense.


            eg  in my cfscript i have:

            myQry.addParam(name="par_theID",value= *** theID);


            i seem to have wanted CB to pop up with the declared variable/argument listing as I reached the ** signs above.


            maybe im being lazy -:)



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              charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Well, to be clear, it will pop up with that (and much more), but only if you use ctrl-space.


              Not sure why that was chosen to be required, but it’s just a matter of holding one more key down, so not too onerous.


              The problem is that, sadly, too many don’t know to do that and therefore don’t realize it’s an option. Still, I would think that in a very short time it would become second nature.



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                Aegis Kleais Level 3

                You know, code assist and other coding variations have always been a feature that IDE's were lacking in.


                For example. I always loved the look of code with aligned attributes.  Like:



                     component         ="user"

                     method               ="getID"

                     returnvariable     ="LOCAL.returnData" />


                Rather than:


                <cfinvoke component="user" method="getID" returnvariable="LOCAL.returnData" />


                But you never see any IDEs offer that.  Also, I'm praying that CFB3 has LESS support, but I'm betting on that it does not.