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    Feature Request for Adobe Camera Raw CC

    Cinema Photographer Level 1

      Cinema DNG Videographers / Cinema Photographers using ACR to debayer footage...


      Feature request to export / save video files directly from ACR - - > Option to create video files with fps.


      Note: The option to export video does exist within the main menu of Photoshop. However, this does not apply to image sequences when imported into ACR.




      Current workflow for using ACR requires applying color correction and/or image presets to footage in order to process DNG image sequences.


      When shooting Cinema DNG files the image sequence is likely to be hundreds or even thousands of photos in length. These files could be processed with ACR and no other application.


          • Adobe Media Encoder does not accept 16-bit Tiff sequences (CS 5.5).
          • AE and Premiere CC accept 16-bit image sequences.
          • Why import into AE and CC just to set FPS?
          • Why import into AE and CC just to export proxy files & additional video files?
          • May be a very applicable option for 64-bit & 256-bit background processing?


      Why make this feature applicable?


      • ACR is remarkable at debayering DNG images.
      • ACR processes DNG files faster than AE.
      • ACR enables user color-correction presets as well as secondary Look Up Tables (LUTs) to be applied to image sequences (potential investment for Kodak, Fuji and other color-correction houses).
      • ACR has the potential to offer users the ability to acquire a single application for processing DNG image sequences without having to purchase an entire post-production software suite.