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    Another Newbie

      I'd like to be able to add a log-on screen that would use the participants name throughout the programs ... not sure how or where to find out how.
      Would also be interested to know if we can capture data that participants enter into a screen for future screens.

      Any help would be appreciated
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          Hi Training Tom and welcome to our community

          For some odd reason, I've got a bit of a word play combined with a song running through my warped little mind as I type this. (Ground control to Training Tom...) but I digress.

          You should probably check out the Captivate Exchange. On the exchange is a download of a pair of widgets that were developed that allow this. You may visit the Exchange by clicking this link.

          And if you would like to see the developers eventually add something like this to Captivate itself, you may submit a Feature Request by clicking this link and completing the form.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Training_Tom Level 1
            lol. Many Thanks, This is great

            Happy New Year to ya