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    Newbie question - how do I export to DVD? (urgent)




      I'm a complete newbie to Premier Pro and can't for the life of me figure out how to either:

      Export directly from Premiere Pro to DVD


      Export as MP4 and then burn to DVD


      So, far I've tried exporting as MP4 and then burning the file to DVD. I find that the MP4 does play, but once burned to DVD it won't play in my DVD player. Why could this be? I've tried exporting as NTSC and Pal. I'm in the UK so thought the Pal copy should work!


      Haven't figured out how to burn directly to DVD from within Premiere Pro - anyone know?


      In a nutshell - What's the correct method to use for burning to DVD?


      I need to find out fast as the DVD needs to be in the post this week!