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    Error Code: TickTime.cpp-376, -273




      So I'm currently on a Premiere job and our main project seems to be corrupt. The project was working and saved fine last night but this morning, the main project, the backup project, and the autosaved projects are all giving us the same error. The load-up bar gets to about 85% and then we get the "TickTime.cpp-376" error. I tried opening the editors main sequence in my project and when it times out, it then gives me a "TickTime.cpp-273" error. I've googled both errors but I'm not finding any solutions. Anyone have these problems before?




      Mac Pro running OSX 10.8.4

      Premiere CC 7.0.1

      Media is all Prores 4444 4:3




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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Hi Will,



          Have you used interpret footage on any of your clips in the project? This issue has popped up recenelty. The problem is Premiere is overriding the frame rate of a clip. If this is the cuase we have placed a fixed for the crash in our upcoming release. 


          It sounds like this came out of nowhere but if you can recall the last steps you did that lead to the project getting into this condition that would be helpful.


          Would you mind uploading your project file with the offline media so I can take a look?





          Peter Garaway


          Premiere Pro