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    How to get dark elements in background to be visible on PDFs viewed on mobile devices?

    Patricia L. Walker Level 1

      I would appreciate any information about how to export to PDF an InDesign document, which has multiple dark jpeg layers used to create a background, so that those elements appear in mobile device PDF viewing, just as they are seen on a computer monitor's version of the PDF viewing experience. 


      On mobile devices - iPhone and iPad - the background of the PDF appears simply as black. All the other texts and color photos in the foreground areas of the InDesign document appear perfectly on the mobile devices on the PDF.  Yet, the darker background elements render as solid black on the mobile devices.  Perhaps, this is always the case so that the PDF can be rendered viewable on mobile devices more quickly. I don't know.  The same PDF is viewed perfectly on computer monitors. This is only an issue with the mobile device viewing of the PDF.


      I've tried everything I know to do to choose different and particular settings in the "Adobe PDF preset" type area from within InDesign in order to create viewable background elements via a PDF viewed on mobile devices. 


      Any information as to particular settings for the InDesign document to Adobe PDF which would allow ALL elements to be seen on ALL electronic devices would be especially helpful.