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    Receiving 2-channel mono L and R stems - how to export as Stereo?

    Creatively Bankrupt Level 1

      I receive a lot of movie files with either 2 or 8 channels of audio - all mono stems.


      I usually end up exporting the 6-channel 5.1 audio as individual mono stems and that is fine, but most of the time clients want the two L and R channels exported as a single Stereo audio track.


      Every time I export a timeline with the individual L and R audio channels active, whether it's WAV, AIFF or a video w/ attached audio, it comes in a dual-channel mono. I select stereo in the export settings, but it doesn't matter.


      Is there a trick to getting this to work correctly? I have had numerous client complaints about mono audio delivery and I don't know how to get around it when using Premiere CC.


      Thanks for any advice!