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    Getting the best from SD Footage

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi Guys

      I've captured some SD video using my equipment for a friend and edited a short movie accordingly. Although it looks fine in the preview, when I export and render (using PAL as the standard over here), I get a hint of interlacing. I've tried rendering to AVI (using match source - on and then off), H.264 using "match source" (on/ off) and Mpg2 using match source again but I always get this hint of interlacing in some scenes where there's movement from a straight edge (although not as terrible as I've experienced).


      The render settings are 720x576, 25fps, lower field first, VBR 1 pass, min 4 target 15, max 18.50mps, mpg audio 384kbps, 48KHz, stereo 16bit. I did think of changing the field order but they are greyed out.


      My machine is a Dell Precision, Win7SP1 64bit, 16gig RAM, Intel core i7, Nvidia Quadro K3000M.


      I'd welcome any pointers as it would be nice to offer a sharp finished movie if possible.