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    Garbled/scrambled audio for project, autosaves, and back ups


      What the heck is going on here. A friend and I are using Premiere and AE (both CC edition) to work on a sports montage synced to music we cut into very precise transitions that took a VERY long time to do (video was done in a week, audio took about 2-3). Basically I had auto save on my desktop, an extra few copies on an external hard drive NOT plugged into the computer in case of an accident, and then another copy on a usb stick.


      Well I put dynamic link with AE on, went to AE to do my video effects, made the visual look great...but then when I went to export, audio is completely scrambled/garbled Tracks rearranged, cutting out, randomly different lengths, not put where my transitions were...video is an unwatchable mess with music on now. Really made me angry to see the audio like this. Went to open auto-saves from before AE dynamic link, no avail, audio garbled. Read around the net, cleared my media cache folders, trashed all my .xmps (restored them after problem was not fixed), trashed all my previews, trashed all my autosaves on the desktop, trashed all my .peks and .cfas, trashed all my renders. Trashed everything.


      Then i thought this is good...trashed it all so I can go back to my USB since I know that wasn't plugged in when this problem started...opened project from USB...garbled audio in all the same places...getting irate now. Remembered my external hard drive had a bunch of copies saved to it of this project and that must still be in tact. Tried all 5, every single one garbled in the same place. How is it possible that all the files are screwed up like this in the exact same places when some files were on different drives entirely? I don't understand what I can do. To fix this audio will be impossible, I was supposed to have this video uploaded in september around the 10th. The event is on the 12th and the promo STILL isn't done yet because of this. Can't really get the time to re-do it all because I'm no longer on summer vacation. I have midterms in university to deal with.


      So can you guys tell me what the heck is wrong here? I did every single thing imaginable and backed up in every way you'd expect would be fine and nothing fixed the audio garbled all over the place. The video isn't even mangled, it's just the audio and it's so so frustrating. Please let me know what I can do.