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    Photoshop CC displays images 25% smaller than other apps?

    Shad0wBatt333 Level 1

      Why is Photoshop CC displaying images 25% smaller than my other applications? If I open a 72 ppi square pixel aspect image in Photoshop, I have to zoom to 125% for it to be the same size on screen as in my browser or any other image viewer. Photoshop reads the correct pixel sizes, but displays it smaller.


      I design and build websites and have been using Photoshop for over 15 years and haven't noticed this until CC. If I save the images and build out the site, or even just drag the image into a browser and then overlay that browser window above the Photoshop window to see both images side by side, I can clearly see a 25% difference in size.


      If I zoom in Photoshop to 125%, then the sizes match. So, the problem is when designing a website, everything looks smaller in photoshop. Then when I build it out, everything is way too big.


      My browsers are definitely at 100% zoom and I can open the image in any other image viewer at 100% and the affect is the same.


      Is there a setting that can be adjusted in Photoshop to correct this?