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    best export settings

    Sturgisvideo Level 1

      I have a series of HD videos that will be used online via YouTube and our own website video player (mp4). These will also be burnned onto DVD for customers and dealers (.mov files used in the past). I need the finished version to be 1280x720 for our online use. I have a few questions:

      1. Am I best exporting in .mov then converting files as needed for different uses?

      2. What Video Codec and aspect seetings are best or can anyone give me the best video export setting in total I should run fo rhte best quality possible with a 1280x720 player (and no black bars).

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          shooternz Level 6

          Export different movies for various purposes from the original sequence. ie change the settings in AME to suit.


          Q2: MAtch 1280 x 720 H264  and use as high bit rate setting as your player can handle..

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            Emoral7 Level 1

            I would actually make the master file into an MP4 using the H.264 codec, as it seems to compress much better than MOV files do. Make sure you render this version with 1080p resolution. I know you need a 720p version for online, but when it comes to compressing video, quality only goes down, so you want to start with the best possible.


            Plus, you'll need those 1080p versions for your customers and dealers.


            That's #1.


            I'm assuming you're referring to online play in #2. Use the H.264 codec and set your resolution to 1280x720. Switch to a variable bit rate and set the max to somewhere between 5,000 KB/s and 7,000 KB/s, so the file size isn't too large.


            Set your "Field Order" to "Progressive" and "Aspect" to "Square Pixels".