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    Premiere Pro + GoPro Hero 3 Black


      Hey guys!


      Recently purchased a GoPro and was wondering if there are any GoPro users out there who have any recommendation or advice on what they think works best when using Premiere Pro.


      When I start the process of a new project, as you all know, I am prompted with a list of different file types and qualities to select from. I don't see anything that really fits the GoPro. I see something ACVHD, has an option with 1080p at 60fps, which is the resolutioin and framerate my GoPro footage was shot at. Can I assume this is the most appropriate one to select? If not, what works best for GoPro raw footage? I noticed that there isn't anything in this list beyond 60fps. Does that mean it wouldn't work with the 240fps GoPro footage? What exactly does this select do to the project overall?


      Does anyone have experience using the GoPro CineForm Studio? What are your thoughts on it? I personally couldn't find any use for it. Perhaps the fisheye disable option, but does Premiere Pro not have a similar option? I could be wrong about the software. Maybe someone can enlighten me.


      Any stories, recommendations and thoughts would be awesome! Thanks!