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    Need help to make sure my choices for a new editing pc are well balanced.


      Hello everyone!


      I will soon begin studies in cinematography and I want a new pc to fit my needs. Here's is what I want it to be able to do:


      -Edit, most of the time, dslr fotages at 1080p. I will use adobe pro, photoshop and after effects. Maybe avid and pro tool in the future.


      -Great overclocking performance.

      -Relatively cool and quiet.

      -Fast to stream and dowload movie, tv show etc.

      -Be able to last more than 3 years whitout and upgrade.


      Based on lot of research on the web and especially threads by Harm Millaard that help me a lot, here's my build: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/1KxrX


      I will had to the build, in the future,  3 more 1TB disk and a raid controller to put this in raid 5.


      But before I buy anything, I need a final check on one point:


      What do you think of it? Is it well balanced and ready for (professionnal usage)?


      Also, i'm from Canada so do anyone know a methode to pay less (shipping, taxe, can dollar vs us dollar, etc). I've seen websites that give you a us address but i'm not sure if its safe or legit...


      Thank you for your time to answer my questions!