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    Single Straight Quote not picked up by the Grep expression


      i'm using JS CS6


      I cannot get the find the ' character.

      I am trying to search for a names, so there may be an apostrophe (i.e. O'Neill). I've tried: ~], \u0027 and \', but have not been successful. However, when I use the Find/Change dialog, it works.



      Here is my code (name section is in red): 

      app.findGrepPreferences.findWhat = "^(\\d{1,2})\\t[A-Za-z \.\-~]]+\\t\\d{1,2}\\t\\d{1,2}\\-\\d{1,2}\\t\\d{1,2}\\-\\d{1,2}\\t \\d{1,2}\\-\\d{1,2}\\t\\d{1,2}\\t\\d{1,2}\\t\\d{1,2}\\t\\d{1,2}\\t\\d{1,2}\\t\\d{1,2}\\t\\d{1,2}\\t\\d{1,2}\\t\\d{1,2}$";