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    When I place an EPS image it shows White background




      Please help me urgent!!!!


      im using CS5


      when i place an EPS image in Indesign, a white background shows.


      First in PS, i clip mask the image and then flatten the image....I was told to do this.

      the i save it as below:

      Save As: Photoshop EPS


      Preview: Macintosh (8 bits/Pixels)

      Encoding: JPEG (High Quality)

      -  Include Halftone Screen (Not selected)

      -  Include Transfer Function (Not selected)

      -  Postcript Colour Management (Not selected)

      -  Include Vector Data (Cannot select)

      -  Image Interpolation (Not selected)


      Then when I place the image in InDesign, i do the foll:

      I select Import Options:

      - Read Embedded OPI Links (not selected)

      - Apply Photoshop Clipping Path (Selected)


      Proxy Generation

      - Use TIFF or PICT Preview (Selected)

      - Rasterise the Postcript (not selected)


      I still get the white background.


      even when I change the Proxy Genertion to Rasterise the Postcript


      Before I should save the image as a PSD (without Clipping Mask and dont flatten the image). the print would come out different colours...not the same. And apparentlt the printer should have a hard time printing the work. So i was told to clipp mask it, flattern the image and save as EPS.


      Please help. Im deseperate and do not know what to do