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    help please

    Tony At Work Level 1


      I'm new to creating business funcionality to my websites.

      I need to add a client portal to a site, so that clients can select assets which we hold for them and have them sent to locations of events.

      There is no pricing of the items required just selection (most items are just single units, although some will go from 1 - 100).

      I've created a basic web app that shows items, but am confused about how to add selection which then creates a shopping cart without pricing which then links with a form( i've again created a basic form which list all event details needed)

      Attached image shows the workflow needed.

      Any help or pointers to how I can achieve this or find tutorials that can help me create this portal would be appreciatedScreen Shot 2013-10-04 at 09.21.48.png

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          Simon Darby - NZ Level 1

          I sort of did this with a store layout once, rather than a web app. If you have the e-commerce plan... Using the standard shopping cart layout in BC might be easier. Could be done based on a quote. Or use the invoice layout... Just set the price as free (see tags reference; and hide that from the customer) in your checkout template (edit existing layout to suit). Then you can have product variables and inventory for each item too. They all show up in the invoice or quote (again you could restyle this to suite your needs).

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            Tony At Work Level 1

            Thanks for response Simon.

            I started out on this project as an e-commerce workflow but was advised to go web-app and form route.

            Fortunately its an internal project attached to a new website we've designed ( existing portal works ok for now)

            I'll have a re-think and see if I can get to grips with it.

            If I go the e-commerce workflow, I need to remove all pricing and payment options from view and attach the form I've roughed out in picture attached.

            Do you know if its possible to combine to e-commerce output to a forms output?

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              Simon Darby - NZ Level 1

              The guru on this stuff is Liam (at Pretty). But if I understand the question, you can set the product value as free, and maybe hide the amount in your form. Only bit I'm not sure about is the following confirmation page, if it would show the amount as $0. Hmmm not sure. Same goes for the automated email, assuming you want to show the form results. Styling that seems more difficult, other than leaving the form results tag out.


              With your form you can set the Payment Method to free. The option to use is 'PaymentMethodType_10'

              Oddly that's not listed here:


              But someone posted it here: