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    Font Embed behaves differently on Client Machines

    Mahesh_Krishnan Level 1



      What I have done for Font Embedding and what Issue I am facing is explained here.


      Steps that I have already done:


      1. I have added the Fonts onto the Server location where the fonts are stored.
      2. Referred this directory to the Client Fonts location through AdminUI.
      3. Changed the value from 0 to 1 in the XCI file under <PDF><fontembed> tag.
      4. Referred the XCI file in my request to FormsServices as below;
                    <ser:XCIURI><Path to the Application Folder>/XMLFormService/mySettings.xci</ser:XCIURI>


      Now I see the fonts embedded on my PDF on the resultant of FormsServices. (Screenshot attached)

      The issue is when I send this PDF to my clients, they dont see the embedded fonts and the PDF looks messy!!!

      What might have gone wrong?






      Mahesh Krishnan