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    Pandigital Novell ereader - no serial number


      I have a pandigital novell ereader that I want to register with Adobe but I have no serial number? How do I do this please?

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          sjpt Level 4

          Is this registering to get an Abode ID at all, or getting the registration applied to the ebook.


          To get an Adobe ID does not require any specific eBook (or any eBook at all, it is the same ID for all dealsing with Adobe).

          Go to the adobe home page and try to sign in.  You will be directed with an option if you don't already have an Adobe ID>


          If you have an ID and want to get it the ereader authorized with it

          1. install ADE (Digital Editions) on a computer
          2. register ADE with the Adobe ID (menu/Help/Authorize Computer)
          3. plug in the eReader to USB
          4. register the eReader  (menu/Help/Authorize Device)