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    XDCAM HD .mov


      I have a lot of xdcam hd 422 clips which is converted to .mov files (i used the xdcam browser/transfer), for editing i FCP7. My back up files are also .mov, and I have deleted the native xdcam files. Recently I bought CS6 for editing in Premiere Pro 6, and I am not going to use FCP (actually, I don't have it anymore). But it looks like Premiere don't handle my «xdcam .mov» files very well. It looks like bad streaming, like its something wrong with the frame rate. When I import native xdcam files everything works perfectly fine. But the problem is all my old files, which is converted to .mov. I have to find a way I can use them in Premiere.


      Do I have to purchase Calibrated (http://www.calibratedsoftware.com/QXD.asp), or is there another way to solve the problem? Maybe Adobe have a plugin or another solution?