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    Form Inside InDesign


      We have manuals for tools we sale, and I put them together with InDesign. These manuals are interactive PDF's. I am wanting to add a Quality Assurance form inside the manuals. So if customer has a problem with a product or service they can fill in this form and click the email button to send this form information to us.

      I use Livecycle Designer ES4 to build all forms we use inhouse and to send out to customers. I have also used Acrobat & Indesign for build forms.


      The problem I'm having is with Indeisgn when you place a interactive PDF into Indesign (be it from Livecycle or Acrobat) you lose all info for that form. And making a form inside the document using InDesign and adding a email button. When the email button is used to email the form you don't just get that one page you get the complete manual.


      I would think there may be a script you can use to have it email just the one page this form is on. I know some javascript and have wrote some scripts, but I'm still new to the script world.

      Is there a way to embed this form so that it will work the way I'm needing?






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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm afraid there isn't. Any interactivity or form fields disappear when placed in InDesign. I've never ever heard of a workaround except what you're doing.

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            Salah Fadlabi Level 5

            Try to insert the pdf form page from Acrobat>Insert Pages>From File

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Salah's suggestion should work if that form is on a page unconnected with the rest of the project.


              My previous answer was based on your wanting to PLACE the form in InDesign, which loses the interactivity and form fields.

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                HHud5757 Level 1



                I inserted the form but the form I am using is an XML form and Acrobat will not let you insert an XML form. You can add it as an attachment.

                The only problem with the attachment is, if you don't have something that info's you that there is an attachment present it could be missed.


                I made a quick form from InDesign and exported it to an interactive PDF. Then went and inserted this PDF form into the PDF manual and it worked like I am needing. The only problem is when you click the email button it still emails the complete manual. I have to now figure out how to be able to email only the one page.


                I thought I may have to add a link that takes you to this form on our website so it could be completed and sent from there.


                Thank you both for the help!

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  AFAIK, you can't just pick and choose which part gets emailed.


                  That said, you're going to get way more expertise on that in the Acrobat

                  forum. I think you might want to pop over there.