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    Trouble with DV Type 2 AVI audio in Premiere Elements 11


      Please see the two screen captures below.  G-Spot says my clip is DV Type 2 AVI which Premiere Elements 11 supposedly handles well.  G-Spot says both the appropriate audio and video codecs are available on my Windows 7 x64 PC.  Main Concept DV codec is installed.  The camera was a Sony Handycam vintage 2000 and the clip captured by Firewire. 


      When I load the clip into Elements 11, the audio is compressed in length relative to the video.  I get about 11 seconds of high pitched warbling and then no sound for the balance of my 67 second clip.  You can see the audio profile flatten after 11 seconds in the Timeline view.  I do notice that the audio preset for Elements is 48000 sample rate, and my clip is at 44100.  If this is an issue I do not know how to fix it in Elements.


      The clip plays fine, audio and video properly synced, in Windows Media Player and AVS Video Creator.


      I am able to use AVS Video Creator to strip the audio from the clip, output it as a .wav file, and use it to replace the audio track in Elements. However, I have hundreds of clips to edit; this method will cause substantial brain damage.


      Is there something I can do to get Premiere Elements 11 to process the audio properly?



      Adobe PreE11.jpgG-Spot.jpg