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    In Design corrupted - can't upgrade Digital Publishing Tools


      I am getting this error message when launching In Design:


      "Your application install seems to be damaged, Please reinstall the application."


      In the process of trying to fix a pixelation problem with Adobe Acrobat and my Mac Book Pro retina I was recently advised by Adobe staff to remove some files/folders.


      See discussion:





      I was advised to remove folders:


      1. Go to ~/Library/Preferences folder, delete all files that have adobe on it.


      2. Go to ~/Library/Application Support  folder, delete Adobe folder


      After following these instructions, I discovered that doing so also removed In Design, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc from my hard drive.


      I've since re-installed these programs through the Creative Cloud app, but I get the above error message everytime I launch them.


      Now I can not upgrade In Design to get the Digital Publishing Suite tools. I get the error message telling me that I need to reinstall - and I just did reinstall.


      Please help and advise - THANKS!