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    Creative Clouds rejects connection while dialog to connet for a CC applicaiton,

    Nom d'écan Level 1

      Creative Clouds rejects connection while dialog to activate a CC applicaiton,

      messages says computer off-line or clock not up to date.

      The internet connection works fine, and I reset the syncronisation of the clock.

      The message persists.

      I went through the checks proposed by adobe in such situation all are OK

      I was deconnected twice during writing this mesage with adobe message from the server indicationg failure.


      On my other computers this did worked fine.


      Any idea ?


      PS this badly affects me since i am out of office at country side with work for the WE on my computer with premiere pro and photoshop.


      Aditionnaly the very same computer, in the very same location did worked fine just like WE, and before.


      (windows 7, Internet explorer).