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    How can I display all records as a end user?


      I am applying for jobs with the state and every week they publish a list of new positions that have just been posted on the following link: https://forms.spb.ca.gov/bulletins/weekly.cfm

      and also at http://jobs.spb.ca.gov/wvpos/search_p_ejv.cfm?classcode=5393&criteria=associate%20governme ntal


      It is a .cfm but only displays 15 records at a time, I was wondering if there is a tag or way to have it display all 300 something records at once?  My ultimate goal is to get just the full table into a excel spreadsheet while retaining the HTML formatting so the links still work.


      My thought is that the state has set it up this way to only display a set number of records at a time, the data is not private or protected, I am simply seeking a easier way to access it in aggregate.


      Thank you in advance for your suggestions and help!