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    Hyperlinking to page, takes me to middle of page




      I am creating an course catalog in InDesign CS6. It will eventually be a downloadable PDF. It has a table of contents, and I want the user to be able to click on the titles, and have it take them to the beginning of whatever page that link is associated with.


      To do this I have selected the text that I want to become a link, and in the hyperlinks panel, I choose New Hyperlink. I then select "Page" and also select the page that I want it to link to. For the Zoom settings I keep it as "Fixed."


      The problem is that when I export it as a PDF, the table of contents links start out ok, and then around page 19, it's not longer taking me to the top of page 19. Instead it's towards the middle/bottom of the page.


      I thought that maybe the overflow text that continues from one page on to the other might be the problem. I played around with that but that didn't seem to help. I deleted all the links and relinked them again. It still didn't help. In fact, now even more pages seem to be affected.


      Could anyone please help? I'm really stumped.