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    How can I add Edge animations to a squarespace webpage?


      I am developing an interactive, animated, responsive website on the squarespace platform. They provide a template and a backend similar to wordpress, where the administrator can add content, including custom code blocks to load on a page, or custom javascript to inject into all pages (via the header section). My issue is that I want to create dynamic content in Edge Animate and upload it to a squarespace website. But Edge Animate outputs content in multiple files (HTML, CSS, JS, and assets folder) but I am unable to upload all of this content to squarespace. In a code block I could copy and paste the content of the HTML file, but there's no way for me to use it to link dynamically to the other items (CSS files, JS files, and assets).


      I'm sure there's a way to do it, and the developer platform of squarespace should allow me to do this. I was just wondering if anyone has discovered an easy, quick fix for this problem?


      Thank you,