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    Premiere CC export h.264 with artefacts



      I am very disappointed how Premiere CC export h.264.

      Every time exported movie have artifacts.

      Every time in different places.

      I have delete all cache, changed nvidia drivers., finally removed all nvidia drivers and expored without them.

      The result is - always artefacts - like colored squares on video or

      like this



      Premiere cc 7.01

      Nvidia gtx-660

      Sequence-match export-1920x1080 25p 16Mb CBR.

      Footages Not spanned MTS from Sony Nex-100

      Effect - fast color correct.


      What can I  do? It is impossible to work!!!



      Just export to lagarith from Premiere

      The result is also with artifacts.


      Then import lagarith avi to media encoder and export to h.264

      And what I see  - there are new artifacts.