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    How do I conform speed?

    FCPX to Pr

      I just got the Creative Cloud. Until today, I made all my movies on FCPX. I had had enough with FCPX and their lack luster features. In FCPX I would start a project at 1080 24p. I would shoot all my video at 60p, usually at 720. I would then "conform" speed and get a really nice slow film look. If I didn't conform speed, all the video would look like world war II fast weird footage. I have tried watching a million tutorials today and I have not had any luck. Some of my attempts have looked good, but I'm not sure that I am doing it totally right. I wouldn't want to finish the project and then find out it sucks. Just to clear it up, I want to edit and eventually export in 1080p at 24 fps with footage shot in 720p at 60fps.  


      Oh and on a separate note, Ae won't download. I downloaded a bunch of other apps when I signed on to the CC, but Ae  keeps failing...

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          shooternz Level 6

          Just weird  general practice...no matter what NLE...that you created edit sequences that do not  match your source footage specs.

          eg. Shoot 60fs edit 60 fps


          Also weird to shoot 720 and export 1080.  You will get a quality hit due to up rezzing!

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Do you want the slow motion here, or normal speed footage?

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              FCPX to Pr Level 1

              Yes. Sorry about that. I do want the slow motion. I liked the look of editing in 24 and conforming the speed of my 60p footage.

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                DMH79 Level 2

                We shoot at 60fps and edit at 24fps all the time. Works like a charm. Nothing weird about it IMO. That way we can pick and chose later what we want for slow-mo and the rest we leave at 60fps and let the 23.976fps sequence drop the extra frames. To "conform" your footage in Premiere, simply right click on the 59.94fps footage and select MODIFY>Interpret Footage. Then change it to 23.976 (assuming that's your actual frame rate) and you're done. You can change it back if you need to. Or duplicate the clip and have both options. Either way, it's super simple. Shift+select multiple clips to modify as many as you want at a time. The process is reversable and instant. Now just drop that modified clip on your 23.976 timeline (or whatever frame rate you're editing at) and you're all set. It'll now be in slow-mo.


                Up rezzing isn't ideal quality wise but do what you gotta do.

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