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    How to attach sound using link to any button?

    I designer


      am using this code to call sound file after click on button.

      PAdha1.onRelease = function () {

      mySoundC = new Sound(this);


               mySoundC.start(0, 99);  //10 represents the number of loops


                            _global.myTaalLaya = "High1";




      My problem is I have more than 100 buttons and their own sound files.Now ,this buttons are on separet scene so, it creates separet image for each button and separet sound for each button which is in liblary.Now,my problem is there are huge sound files and button images.So,flash is not supporting this.It does not show .swf file(Output result).

      I think this is beacause of a lot of images and sound files.

      Is there any other way to call sound file through link function.Now sounds files are called through "linkage".from liblary.

      am using flash cs 5 with as 2.