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    App crash

    victor s sim

      I have been using photoshop touch for some time, and been enjoying it so far. Recently,  I have encountered a technical problem - when i tried to open an image, the app will crash and exit. It happens to majority of the images so I am guessing it is a problem with the apps rather than the source. Just wonder if there are other reported cases and what would be the solution.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



          to be able to help you we need to know which device you are on. We have reports about problems on the Android side when having a larger
          Image library/Gallery but this is only for the phone version. If this is the case the workaround is to clear the data in the Gallery app.


          Can you give us some information about which kind of images you are trying to import?





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            victor s sim Level 1



            Thanks for attending to my query.


            Device is Ipad 2. I am suspecting that it is because the photos that are loaded from the camera to the Ipad are in RAW+JPEG format and the App cannot open such file. If I convert the file to JPEG then it should be OK.


            Kind regards


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              Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee

              ok, thanks for the information.


              It would also be good to know if you crash with "new from" these images or if it always happens no matter what.


              What size is the image that you are trying to import (widht/height)?
              Which camera have you used? If possible the best way would be if you could send one of the images from this camera privately.