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    External Monitor (HDMI Projector) not recognized in AE CC or AE CS6 with New Macbook Pro

    BillVincent Level 1

      Got a really tough problem that maybe someone can help me find a solution for.  I had an old Macbook Pro (2009-ish) that I was using in conjunction with AE and my HDMI Projector to do projection mapping work.  The laptop motherboard wore out recently (not related, I don't think) but now I've bought a new Macbook Pro and am trying to use the HDMI out to the projector as my external monitor in After Effects (I've tried both CC and CS5.5 and CS6). Under Video Preview it's not showing up as an option to send to (the choices are Computer Monitor Only or Firewire). 


      I am in a real mess as I am supposed to do a show this evening with a setup I've done lots of times with my old Macbook and AE, and now can't do it at all. I have to be able to have the projector receive the AE feed - and nothing I've done so far has helped. The system sees the projector, so why doesn't AE??  I can't just slide the program window into the projector's window space and enlarge - it has to be exactly 1920x1080 in order for me to align correctly.


      If there are any Adobe folks lurking this morning I would CERTAINLY appreciate your input, as well as anyone else who might have had similar issues. This should work, it should be a no-brainer. Right now I'm running a new OOTB Apple Macbook Pro with HDMI out, and the latest version of AE CC with all updates performed. Please, please help!!!


      Thanks in advance,