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    Problem with the Gutter in InDesign

    bleduc1 Level 1

      I am using InDesign CC. I have to create a newspaper article with a page size of 11 x 17 inches. I want to use 5 colums for this, but when I choose 5, I run into problems. I instead get 5 gutters with 4 colums. I thought that it may have been a slight bug, so I tried increasing the columns by one, but then I lose my gutter space because the colums become too large. So my question to you is, how can I work around this? The typical newspaper usually has a total of 5 columns (including sidebars.)


      InDesign 1.png


      Also, after I tried increasing the columns and lost my gutter space, I had another problem. I decreased my columns back to 5, so I could add gutter space again.This time the number of columns was being read properlly. The only problem is that I no long have side gutters. In the first picture, they are there, but in this one, they are gone. I will need them so I know how far to stretch my text boxes and image frames.


      InDesign 2.png