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    regex code


      I am trying to find expressions across mutiple files


      the expression that I am looking for is of the following nature

      <td align=center><font size="+2"><b>Abc. 1:1-7</b></font></td>


      the abc. 1:1-7 can have varying values within the line of code


      I have tried the folowing search

      [A-Za-z .0-9:]

      to find the letters, numbers, the dot and the space and the colon

      with no luck.  Can't find the line at all, let alone delete it (my objective)


      regex is very confusing



      my search/find query:

      <td align=center><font size="+2"><b>[A-Za-z .0-9:]</b></font></td>


      where am I off?