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    Why I can't launch my Flash 8 normally?


      As the title.

      When I launch Flash 8, a window always pops out and says that:

      Flash XML parsing fatal error: Invalid document structure, line:1,

      file: C:\Users\User_10\AppData\Local\Macromedia\Flash 8\en\Configuration\Screen Types\Form\catalog.xml

      Flash 8 error.png


      When I click "OK" for once, the window still apears.


      When I click "OK" for once again, another window appears:

      The default screen types Form and Slide are missing from the configuration.

      Please restore them by reinstalling.

      Flash 8 error (2).png

      (I have reinstalled Flash 8 for 3 times but the problem still appears)


      Finally, I can launch it when I press "OK" again.

      However, I can't use any tools.

      Flash 8 error (3).png


      Please help me as I have to do my school homework by using Flash 8.

      And I have to hand in the homework on 9/10/2013.