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    How to add SWC frame work to flex 2

      i Want to use flexmdi framework for one of mine project. how to do this?. i know simple one that just adding the *.SWC to flex ADD SWC. i did it and it is not working. is there steps to do this?.. this is not question for only flexmdi, i dont know how to use other component frameworks also.

      So plesae let me know the steps to work with SWC component frameworks in flex 2.

      thanks in Advance
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          peterent Level 2
          In Flex Builder, select your project and open its Properties. Select the Flex Build Path. On the window, select the Library tab. Pick the Add SWC button and browse to the SWC and pick OK. It will be added to the search path.

          If you are using the command line compiler (mxmlc or compc) use the library-path option.