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    win8 shockwave enabled not available



      i have windows 8 64bit.

      ie10 addon shockwave object is not shown in loaded addon but is with all add ons.

      it  reads as not available but is enabled.

      i have active x filtering turned off.

      i have made sure have windows updated.

      i have tried n desktop and moden mode aswell all nothing showed on version check on adobe site.

      also have tried the reset ie and restart computer.

      cant uninstall since comes with win8 and wont let me install since says have latest version during install.

      flash player works fine on firefox and chrome.

      my vid drivers are also updated.


      i usually wouldnt care about the ie but one of my games seem to use ie to load its content on launcher im guessing might have somthng to do with this.

      either way i would like to find a fix if possible. I would really appreciate any help on this thank you.