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    Sequence tab and some UI elements unresponsive/do not update in CC

    dkitsov Level 2

      In a last few weeks I am having a peculiar problem with CC Premiere Pro.

      Sequence tab and all of it content become unresponsive/does not redraw upon any action other than changing the tab size by dragging it's borders or by using next edit/previous edit shortcuts. No other action redraws the UI. Effectively I am flying blind.

      As a part of troubleshooting I have opened an old (CS6) project in CS6. It works just fine in there. When opening the same project in Premiere CC the behavior described occurs.

      I do not get any error messages.

      Seems to have started after one of the CC updates.



      Windows 7 64

      GTX 580x2

      Quadro 4000