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    How do I get audio back on single clip that loses audio when imported into Premiere Pro CC?


      I've got one clip out of many that for some reason won't play any audio when imported into Premiere Pro.  I am new to Premiere Pro so am hoping it's something stupid I've done, but this is a problem with just a single clip exported the same way as all my others, the original audio is loud (not quiet) and none of the FAQ issues seem to apply (ie I haven't muted the audio or anything stupid like that)


      The clip was exported from Plural Eyes into a "master" Premiere Pro project where the audio is fine. I exported it as a short MP4 clip and if I play the clip in Windows Media Player the audio is there loud and clear.


      But when I import the clip into a fresh Preimiere Pro CC project this clip appears with just the "film strip" icon on the far left in the Timeline panel, unlike other clips which have an icon that shows "film strip" in the background and "audio wave" in the foreground.


      I'm hitting so many glitches with the CC editions of Premiere Pro and After Effects which have annoying inconsistencies between them I'm tempted to just go back to Sony Vegas Pro (single program, no hassle) but hoping most of these issues are down to "newbie incompetence". Very hard to understand why this one clip out of many should be giving me this specific problem though. Any ideas?