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    flashplayer install

    mantiboa892 Level 1

      yesterday i discovered flashplayer had been installed twice. Uninstalled one of them and saw flashplayer was functioning again on facebook ,sound and film .However the sound on you tube is now gone. This has not happened before not one time. Adobe flashplayer that remains installed on my comp is flashplayer 11 activ X. This will not uninstall without this closing skype and int ex,Dont talk about adjusments to sound control on comp and at bottom as this was addressed for long time. So flashplayer comes up on facebook functioning without closing anything else.!!!! Qustion is why the sound does not work on you tube but does on facebook. What is flashplayer 11 activ X.?? Only answers from those who genuinely want to help. .If you dont know the answer then best not to guess.

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          pwillener Level 8

          Sorry, it's me again...  You need to unmute the sound on Youtube


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            mantiboa892 Level 1

            Firstly ...WHERE to un mute it ,I have searched on my comp ,on you tube but cannot find any application to un mute it...Someone mentioned earlier about unchecking third party browser ext. well when i did this it seems this is connected with flashplayer at least on facebook. This is probably why i got back flashplayer. Just checked now the 3rd party browser ext. and looked to see if flashpl works on fb ...no it is gone once again. In unchecking 3rd party browser ext I lost my Norton Security search bar and safe web icons. which of course is no good atall. So work that one out.. The question is why all this hasslerecently with flashplayer ..used to get automatic updates in com p screen ..was never any problem .before. This all causes more stress for everyone.  

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              pwillener Level 8

              You either click or double-click on the muted speaker sign, or hover the pointer over it, then slide the volume to the right.


              But to the best of my knowledge, Youtube has already fixed the problem - I don't get the muted sound any more.

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                mantiboa892 Level 1

                ok .that worked with you tube. Now I closed skype and internet. downloaded flashplayer successfully according to flashplayer but still no functioning flashplayer on facebook.i.e click on a video that functioned before ,still not working.