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    Improve my system to work with Adobe Ae/ Au/ Sg

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      I post here to try to help, the information was useful to improve my system


      - Installing a DD OWC 6G SSD

      I put on the OS system


      Next step in order:

      - Installation of a second SSD: Disk works

      - Installing a video card 2GB or 3GB

      - Installation (if necessary) a sound card with HDMI output for 7.1


      Tests with the second monitor output with a Displayport / HDMI adapter to the original Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB Video card:

      - The system recognizes the output to 7.1, but no sound is heard .....

      - The video part, issued a video signal, then after a few minutes the video signal is switched off on the second monitor


      I do not know why I have this problem with the original video card

      Party system display A / V provided by:

      Audio: Denon Amp A11xva, and 7 speakers Triangle and subwoofer Velodyne DD18

      Video: Sony VW90

      Acoustic treatment summary, in the corners and the bottom of the piece of work.


      For information: I have the configuration on Windows7 with a Sony VAIO and HDMI 7.1 operates direct editing in Vegas Pro

      so I was expecting to be able to reciprocate with a suite like Adobe and Mac Pro ....



      If someone can make a commantaire or tell me a better way forward than what I consider ......